Lemony-Dill Salmon

I was in the mood for something healthy, fast and fishy the other day and I decided to make salmon.  I picked up some wild Alaskan salmon (better for the environment, better for your health and better tasting) and some lemon and dill to cook it with.

There are still a few heirloom tomatoes left here so I picked up a couple of those and some broccolini to have on the side.  Add in a risotto cake from a local deli and I had a filling and healthy meal.  Dinner was on the table in less than 30 minutes and it was simple and delicious.  The perfect end to a hectic weeknight.

Lemony-Dill Salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets

Bunch of Dill


Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

1.  Preheat oven to 350

2.  Brush salmon with olive oil and season with salt and pepper

3.  Place on an baking sheet.

4.  Sprinkle generously with dill.  When I say generously, I mean that you should barely be able to see the salmon through the layer of dill.  Trust me.

5. Thinly slice the lemon and layer it on top of the fish.

6. Bake until just cooked through.  About 15-20 minutes.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Amber Interior Design

Eames molded plastic chairs are not cheap but they are a truly timeless classic.  They were first designed in 1948 and they continue to look contemporary 60+ years later.  They are investment pieces – the kind you know you can buy now and that will still be current and stylish for years to come.

Design Within Reach, $399

The colorful dining room above is one that I found while pursuing the image bazaar and procrastinator’s heaven that is Pinterest.  I love how the chairs were cozied up with furry covers and the juxtaposition of the modern chairs against the old farmhouse table.  The colors and patterns of the rugs and pillows brighten everything up and add a global chic element that is both fun and sophisticated.  I could live in this dining room!  The Eames chair is so versatile that it can also work in a very minimalist setting like the image below.  Personally, I love both of these dining rooms.  What do you think?  Are you a color-lover or do you like the simplicity of white and wood?

A Note on Design

Dream Big

I recently decided to make a huge change in my life.  I am quitting my job and moving to Paris to pursue an MBA because… j’adore Paris!  It is one of the biggest risks I have taken in my life but this post is not really about that.  Instead I want to talk about what happened when I finally decided to take this risk and follow this dream that I had never even dared to dream before.

As soon as I made the decision to follow my dreams,  it was like the universe was coming together to help me realize my dream.  My writer friends helped me edit my admission essays, my girlfriends patiently listened to my interview presentations, my mom helped me with the financing so that I have a good interest rate (0%) on a portion of my loans, and one of my dearest girlfriends put me in touch with her family in France so that I can have the beginning of a community in my new home.  This is just the beginning of the support I have received.  One of the alumni I interviewed with went out of his way to give me tips on finding a place to live, a woman I met five years ago and who used to live in Paris gave me a ton of advice via skype, close friends of mine in Europe have made sure that I know that I already have a home there, and other friends have made sure that I have a place to stay (for free!) when I no longer have an income in December.  I am incredibly grateful and touched, and this experience has taught me a really important lesson.  I learned that I am not alone and that there are truly amazing people in the world that will help me achieve my dreams.  The truth is that I am taking a risk so big that sometimes it feels like I am leaping without a safety net, that I can see myself crashing and loosing it all, and I find myself wondering what the hell I am doing.  But then I remember that I do have a safety net – one that exists in the support, encouragement and the courage that surround my dream  I know that it is all going to be okay, that it will even be better than okay.   So dream big.  You never know, those dreams might actually come true.

Summer in a Bowl

Summer is ending and the days are cooling down.  I love the change of the seasons, the chance to wear boots and sweaters, and the chance to curl up with a book and some tea on a rainy day.  I am thrilled to see all the squash, brussels sprouts and root vegetables at the market.  However, the one thing I always miss dearly are summer tomatoes.  I eat them all summer long with almost every meal and I still can’t get enough.  My farmer’s market still had a few early girl tomatoes left so I made this pasta as a send off to summer.  It is my way of saying goodbye and it tastes just like summer would if you captured it in a bowl.

Summer Pasta

Dried pasta (spaghetti, penne, etc)


Olive Oil

Summer Tomatoes


1.  Cook pasta until al dente in salted water.  Reserve 1/2 cup cooking water before draining.

2.  Sautee garlic in olive oil.  Add tomatoes and stir until just warmed up.  You don’t want them to fall apart.

3.  Add pasta and toss to coat.  Add enough of the cooking water so that the pasta is not dry.  Add salt to taste.

4.  Tear basil into small pieces and toss with pasta.

5.  Serve with a generous amount of grated parmesan on top.

How easy is that?

The Statement Necklace

I tend to vacillate between my preference for delicate gold jewelry and for statement pieces.  Sometimes I love a statement necklace because it can be the one item that makes an outfit.

You can have a fairly basic, neutral outfit and add this one piece of jewelry and it pulls it all together.  Your basic outfit went from boring to elevated and chic.  Currently I am lusting after the Anubis necklace from Moxham.  I could see wearing this with jeans, with a LBD, with a tunic in leggings, with…. need I go on?  I would wear it all the time and it would be the piece that makes my outfit.  Do you have any accessories that make your outfit?

Moroccan Accents

A huge trend in home decor right now, and one that I love, is Moroccan style.  I love the way you can add a few of these pieces in and it will update your home to look global and chic.  In my home I use a Moroccan wedding blanket as a headboard and Moroccan lanterns as easy outdoor lighting.  Here are a few of my picks.  What is your favorite Moroccan piece and how do you use it?

Moroccan Accents

Black and Gold

I love classic style mixed with a touch of rock-and-roll.  Black is (and always will be) the perfect base to go with everything.  For fall, I’m loving a touch of gold bling to warm up and energize my classics.  It makes my basics feel fresh again.  What do you think?  How do you update your classic pieces so they stay fresh?
Black and Gold

Burberry coat

H&M skinny fit jeans


Rag & bone booties


Rochas tote handbag


Michael kors watch


Stella mccartney scarf


Burberry gloves

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