Friday Finds: Holiday Giftables

I love buying gifts for people.  I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect item and the feeling you get when you find something that you know is just right.  I like to think about gifts as little indulgences.  They are the items that you know someone will really love but that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.  Maybe they think that of it as being too frivolous, like a nice hand soap when you could buy an inexpensive one at the grocery store, or too expensive for what the item is, like a specialty jam for $15.  I think those are the perfect kinds of gifts because you know the person receiving them will enjoy them and you know they will only experience these items because they are receiving them as a gift.  Here are a few of my favorite holiday giftables.  What will you be giving this holiday season?

Friday Finds: Holiday Giftables

Dreamy Kitchens

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Lots, and lots, and lots of time..  Cooking is my meditation.  It’s the way I unwind from the stress of the day and relax into my personal life after work.  As I cook dinner, the problems of the day fall away and I let myself stop thinking about work.  I focus on the food and the enjoyment that I find in the cooking process.  I focus on what I am cooking, how the flavors will work together, and the people that I am sharing the food with.  If I am cooking for myself (which I absolutely love to do!) I take this time to check in with myself and see how I’m doing and what I need.  With all this time in the kitchen, I find myself lusting after a beautiful kitchen to cook in.  I think these kitchens are just dreamy.  What do you think?  What would your dream kitchen look like?

Industrial Kitchen

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Chic Winter Style

I think it can be difficult to look good in the winter.  All those layers keep you warm but can leave you feeling uninspired and rather round.  As a woman, feeling ’round’ does not make me feel good when I leave the house!  However, it is possible to be warm and chic as the women below prove.  I would feel cozy and stylish wearing any of the outfits below and they inspire me to look within my own wardrobe to come up with some better winter looks.  What do you think?  How do you stay stylish in the dead of winter?

Stockholm Streetstyle

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Pantry Soup

This is a soup that I make when I want something healthy and hearty and I don’t have time to go to the store.  It’s great when you come back from a long trip and you don’t have anything in your fridge.  Or when you didn’t expect to be cooking and you need to throw something together.  I like to keep a few key items in my pantry for just such times so that I can always throw together a soup or pasta for a quick, healthy meal.  This soup is an Indian spiced red lentil soup.  It has coconut milk for creaminess and chunks of tomato add a bit of texture and tangy-sweetness.  Oh and did I mention it’s vegan?  I keep naan in the freezer which I defrosted, brushed with olive oil and toasted.  The result was a filling, healthy and warm meal that were the perfect antidote to the rainy weather we have been having.  What is you favorite pantry meal?

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Profile of a Fashionista, Jackie Cartwright

Jackie Cartwright

My friend Jackie is one of those people who always looks great in an effortless sort of way.  She mixes high and low in a sophisticated and classic way.  She always looks put-together and her outfit always matches the occasion perfectly – never overdressed or underdressed.  I was thrilled to have the chance to ask her about her style philosophy and where she finds inspiration.  I love that she emphasizes simplicity and accessories when she talks about style.  Here are few photos of Jackie and her style picks.  I hope you find her style and fashion philosophy as inspiring as I do!

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Black Friday Finds: Blackest of Blacks

For those of you that don’t know, black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year.  True there are great deals to be had, but after 15 years of working in retail you couldn’t pay me enough money to go shopping on black Friday.  If I do decide to shop at all it will be online only.  What about you?  Will you brave the crowds and the madness to get a few good deals on your holiday gifts?  In honor of black Friday, here are my blackest of black picks of cool product right now.

Black Friday Finds: Blackest of Blacks
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