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There are many blogs that I follow.  Most are about food, some are about fashion or design, a few are about travel.  Recently, with the impending move to Paris, I have started following Blogs about Parisian life (and often times food too). Here are a few of my favorites.  What are your favorites?  Are there other blogs I absolutely have to check out?

David Lebovitz – Fellow bay area transplant, former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, and author of The Sweet Life In Paris.  His stories about cultural differences are hilarious and he is an expert in all things food related.  If I have questions about food, I will for sure be asking David!

HiP Paris – As the name suggests, this is a blog about all things hip in Paris.  Seriously though, the photos are enough to make you go out and buy that one-way ticket immediately.

Lost in Cheeseland – Musings on food, love, life and struggles in Paris.  Plus, it’s just an awesome name for a blog!

Rachel Khoo – My friend Caro recently turned me on to Rachel’s blog.  It’s food, food, and more food.  What’s not to love?

Chocolate & Zucchini – So many yummy, healthy recipes and I love the stories that go with them.

Messy Nessy Chic – We share the same name (Vanessa, sometimes shortened to Nessy) so I had to love this girl.  Fun lifestyle blog about Paris, travel, vintage, etc.

Paris (im)perfect – American transplant living in Paris.  I really enjoy reading Sion’s stories and I’m sure I will relate to them even more once I move.

Camille Over the Rainbow – Half-Brit, half-French girl with amazing style.

Love in the City of Lights – New Yorker living in Paris sharing her amazing stories of living in this different but amazing place.

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