Profile of a Fashionista, Jackie Cartwright

Jackie Cartwright

My friend Jackie is one of those people who always looks great in an effortless sort of way.  She mixes high and low in a sophisticated and classic way.  She always looks put-together and her outfit always matches the occasion perfectly – never overdressed or underdressed.  I was thrilled to have the chance to ask her about her style philosophy and where she finds inspiration.  I love that she emphasizes simplicity and accessories when she talks about style.  Here are few photos of Jackie and her style picks.  I hope you find her style and fashion philosophy as inspiring as I do!

Jackie Cartwright

Name: Jackie Cartwright
Occupation: Executive Assistant at a Software Company
Location: Pacific Heights / SOMA, San Francisco

-How would you describe your style? I’d describe my style as very on the go.  I honestly find whatever is simple (and not wrinkled) and accessorize from there and try to layer pieces so I can go to events straight from the office.

-Your lifestyle seems to take you a lot of places – work, nights out in the city, travel, etc – how do you make your wardrobe work for all of these?  I do take trips often and I never check my luggage, my friends make fun of me because I pack very little, usually in a backpack.  I tend to wear simple things and dress them up with fancy accessories like a fur collar, a giant Miu Miu bag, high stilettos (which are usually in my purse, I live in flats), pearls, bright colored belts, etc. 

-Do you have any fashion rules? Never be underdressed and never carry more than one bag.  I see women downtown sometimes with a purse, laptop bag, gym bag and or a lunch bag!  Its just a little much.  

-Items you can’t live without or items you will never buy?  I can’t live without my camel cashmere coat, it goes with everything and is so toasty warm.  I also can’t live without my Barney’s co-op black lace dress, it’s perfect for a multitude of events and so timeless.

-Who are your style icons? Anyone whose style you really admire? Olivia Palermo, Rosie from (, Lana Del Rey.

-Where do you shop and what brands do you love? I honestly don’t shop that much and I hate to shop in the typical girl sense, I usually speed shop by myself or obsess about things online and then buy them a month later.  I have a ton of pieces that I love and tend to rotate things in my closet.  When I do need something I usually go to J Crew, Banana Republic, Madewell, or find something vintage, usually accessories.

-Where do you look for inspiration?  I love and, my friends Pinterest boards, my travels, and deep in the archive of my own closet. 

Jackie's Picks

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