Friday Finds: Holiday Giftables

I love buying gifts for people.  I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect item and the feeling you get when you find something that you know is just right.  I like to think about gifts as little indulgences.  They are the items that you know someone will really love but that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.  Maybe they think that of it as being too frivolous, like a nice hand soap when you could buy an inexpensive one at the grocery store, or too expensive for what the item is, like a specialty jam for $15.  I think those are the perfect kinds of gifts because you know the person receiving them will enjoy them and you know they will only experience these items because they are receiving them as a gift.  Here are a few of my favorite holiday giftables.  What will you be giving this holiday season?

Friday Finds: Holiday Giftables

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