Cheers to a New Year and to New Possibilities


Happy New Year’s!  Cheers to you!!  I am flying to Paris today to start my new life.  With this new beginning comes new possibilities.  I do not usually make New Year’s Resolutions since I feel like they just don’t work.  They tend to be impulsive commitments that are made without a real plan on how they will be executed.  How many people resolve to loose weight but have no specific plan on how they will are accomplish this?  Then, at the end of the year they find that they are the same weight or heavier.

This year is different.  What better time to make changes than when you are already changing everything about your life that is familiar?  So I made my list and I am hoping you will all help to hold me to these.  They are goals for how I want to live as I start this new phase.  What about you?  Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I would love to hear what your goals and dreams are for the coming year.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  Be open.  To new people and to a new place.  To new beginnings, new ideas and new ways of working.  To living a different way and to learning something new.  To new relationships and to new possibilities.

2.  Learn to let go.  When I say let go, I do not mean that I should learn to not make a big deal about something that bothers me.  In that case you are not really letting go, you are just not voicing your feelings.  What I mean is different.  I want to learn to let go of the small things so that they don’t bother me in the first place.

3.  Focus on my health. Last year was extremely busy.  Perhaps busier than any other time of my life and exercise and taking care of myself slipped through the cracks.  I still eat healthy but that is all I have done this past year.  In 2013 I need to focus on taking care of myself physically and mentally.

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