My First Week in Paris

I have no profile today because this week was just too busy to do it.  I arrived in Paris on Wednesday, had Thursday to recuperate, and started school on Friday.  In my free time, I strolled around Paris remembering the places I love and learning about new places.  I met my classmates and made some new friends.  I bought a monthly transportation card, went grocery shopping, bought a coffee maker and searched for a permanent apartment.  New discoveries that come from living here.  I also rediscovered some things about Paris that I had forgotten like that a café au lait is ordered as a café crème, that you must watch out for dog poop EVERYWHERE, and that the city shuts down on Sunday.  Here are my photos and little notes from the week.  I promise to be back with a new profile next Sunday!


Carousel and Eiffel Tower

Vanessa Larson

Me at the Eiffel Tower

Cafe and Tartine

Coffee and Baguette.  Heaven.

Espresso Maker

My first purchase: an Italian espresso maker

Seine at Night

The Seine at Night

Locks of Love

Locks of Love

Vanessa Larson

At the Luxembourg Gardens


This is a salad.  There is actually some lettuce at the bottom underneath the fried potatoes, bacon, liver, cheese and bread. Yes, liver.  When in Rome…. err Paris.

La Grande Épicerie

La Grande Épicerie.  A whole floor of wine, amazing cheeses and meats, produce, global foods, handmade pasta, etc.  I could spend all of my money and time here.  Easily.

Gare Montparnasse

Train Station for School

Seine at Night.  Again.

The Seine at Night.  Again.


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