Profile of a Stylist and One of the Most Fashionable Women I Know, Annie Guercini

Annie 1

Annie Guercini

I was awed by Annie’s style the first time I met her.  She always, and I mean ALWAYS, looks amazing.  She is the type of woman who inspires you by the way she puts her clothes together.  Whether it is H&M or designer, she makes it look fresh and  elegant.  It comes as no surprise that she ended up working as a stylist.  Here are a few photos of Annie.  Read on for her fashion tips and her picks of the best looks for Spring.

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Annie 2

Annie Guercini

Name: Annie Guercini

Occupation: Stylist

Location: Milwaukee, Wi USA


-You work as a Freelance Stylist (awesome!).  What does that entail?


You travel to wherever the photo shoot takes you.  Whether it’s a studio in the middle of nowhere or an island thousands of miles from home. We work with a crew of many talents but my job is to make the models look great in the clothes.  It has to fit right, it has to follow the credibility of the story you are telling, it has to be eye catching, it has to inspire and of course, it has to sell.


-How did you get involved in styling?


I’ve always been involved in styling in a way. I would dress myself in a million outfits a day as a child, I would dress my friends, my family, anyone I could get my hands on.  I decided it was time to try to make a living by doing what I love when I moved back to America from Italy in 2007.  I have a wonderful friend working as a make-up artist who introduced me to her agency.  I was very lucky!


-You have lived extensively in the USA and in Italy.  How do trends and fashion differ in these two countries?

For decades Europeans have dressed with such elegance and sophistication.  The men care about how they look when they walk out of their door just as much as the women do.  Americans, in general, dress more comfortably, but that is not to say that there isn’t a great sense of style in the US too.  In America there is an East coast style, a West coast style, a Chicago style etc.  However, if you get on a plane in Los Angeles and get off a plane in Amsterdam, the difference is uncanny.


-How would you describe your style?


I have always mixed masculinity and femininity in my style.   I never dress too preppy nor do I ever dress too grungy.  I love mixing a silk dress with a military jacket or pairing a t-shirt with a pencil skirt.  I could never put a title on my style or put it into a category.  I wear things that I love and that I think look flattering.  If I’m into a trend, I’ll follow it but elegance is key.  I never want to look like I’m trying too hard to get dressed in the morning.


-In your wardrobe, what are your favorite pieces?  Do you have any dream fashion items that you would love to own someday?


With my job I am always on my feet running on and off set so I need to wear a comfortable shoe. I am forever searching for the perfect flat and I can never have too many! Right now my favorites are these House of Harlow 1960 studded Kye flats my amazing assistant CJ Eigenshenk bought for me! I have Miu Miu camel wool trench I will love forever because it’s an iconic fashion statement that will never go out of style and a $5 dollar H&M jacket that I’ve worn for 5 years straight and still get stopped on the streets asking where it’s from!


-What style advice would you give other women?  Are there any fashion rules that you follow? 


The only rule that I follow is to never break your bank account on trendy items.  It’s fun to play around with trends and that is what fashion is all about,  but save the high spending on pieces that will stay in your closet forever.  Oh, and never wear sweat pants to work unless you work in a gym.


-What trends are you seeing for spring?  What are you most excited about?


I love that the simple pump is coming back.  The platforms are getting closer to the ground again and for me, I love that.  I am only 5,3” so the super high shoe looked silly on my short frame.  I love the mixing of patterns.   I love buttoning the blouse to our chins and letting us all live out that old school London.  I love the super short silk cullotte for summer. Minimal jewelry. Cigarette trousers. Nude pumps, and linen t-shirts!

Annie's Pics

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  1. how cool is my sister?!?
    and thanks for saying people who work and gyms are allowed to wear sweatpants…I prefer to call them yoga pants, but… ;)
    Your cute Annie! nice post Vanessa! I agree Annie always looks adorable!

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