Profile of a Paris Blogger, Photographer and Journalist, Carin

I discovered Carin’s blog Paris in Four Months just before moving here.  The photos on her site are beautiful, vivid and perfectly capture so much of what I love about Paris.  They reminded me of why I decided to move here.  I am thrilled to share her story today, a few of her beautiful photos, and her guide to all things Paris.  I personally can’t wait to try all the places on her list!

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Me Somewhere in Paris


Name: Carin

Occupation: Freelance photographer and journalist

Location: Paris, France


-You originally moved to Paris for four months.  Why did you decide to do this?

I had dreamed about moving to Paris for quite sometime. I also wanted to try something new and totally different. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my life back in Stockholm, Sweden, so I decided that it was time to follow my dream and move to Paris!


-After returning to Sweden, you decided once again to return to Paris.  Why?

I missed the beautiful city too much. I felt so at home here that I didn’t want to leave in the first place. When I then thought about what I wanted to do with my future, I only saw one thing in front of me: Paris!

Morning Walk Along the Seine

Morning Walk Along the Seine

-What are some of the challenges of living in a foreign country?

Of course there’s a lot of difficulties with living in a totally new and different country. I didn’t encounter a lot of challenges during my first move. This time, when I returned to Paris I had to face a little bit of a problem. An apartment filled with mildew wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d booked for my stay! So this time Paris has definitely thrown me some challenges.


-Do you have any tips you would give someone who is considering a similar move?

I would visit the place you’re thinking about moving to first, just to get a feel for the place. Then I absolutely think that you should try to do it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You don’t like it? Well, then you can go back home! I think it’s important to follow our dreams and at least give them a shot.

Place Dauphine in Paris
 Place Dauphine in Paris

-What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris and why?

Ah, this is a hard one! I love Île Saint Louis because I feel so at home there since that was my home during four months. It’s like a little village in the middle of Paris! I also love St Germain and Le Marais. St Germain because of all the fabulous looking people, the atmosphere, Jardin du Luxembourg and all the great boutiques everywhere. I’m in love with Le Marais because of the feeling the neighborhood gives me. It’s so relaxed and so cozy! I could spend hours at different bars there in the evenings.


-Where do you take visitors when they come to Paris for the first time?

I always take my visitors to three restaurants: Café Constant, Les Cocottes and La Briciola. Such yummy food and everybody I’ve taken there has loved the places, which is a really good sign. I also like to take them to Île Saint Louis because of the “small village” feeling the island gives you. And of course St Germain, Le Marais and the 7th arrondissement.

Lunch at Café ConstantLunch at Café Constant

Carin’s Guide to Paris:

Bakeries/Patisseries: I love love love Hugo & Victor. They make absolutely delicious and gorgeous pastries. Other than that I think your local boulangerie will do plenty good as well.

Cafés: Le Loir dans la Théière is a really cozy and good café. They serve an amazing (and huge) lemon meringue tart.

Restaurants: Café Constant, Les Cocottes, La Briciola, Thoumieux and Le Camion qui Fume.

Food on the go (i.e. creperie, sandwich shop, etc.): Le Camion qui Fume is an amazing food truck that serves the best burgers in Paris. And of course any crêpe with nutella will due for me!

Yummy Macarons From Hugo & Victor

Macarons from Victor & Hugo

Groceries: I prefer to do my grocery shopping at Monoprix (one of the bigger ones) or at the local market. Marché Maubert was the market I usually went to when I lived on Île Saint Louis.

Clothing stores: For a little bit of Parisian flavor I would shop at Maje, Sandro or Iro. They’re awfully popular over here!

Home Décor stores: Zara home is a great tip if you’re ever in Paris. The prices aren’t that bad either which is a plus.

Marché Maubert in Paris

Marché Maubert

Museums: I love Musée Rodin. The gardens are just breathtaking!

Walks: I love to walk along the Seine. There’s no better view.

Park: I’m in love with Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s just so pretty. Grab a chair, something to eat and something to read and just relax. The perfect way to spend any spring or summer day.
Sunset Over the Seine

Sunset over the Seine

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