Paris Love Locks

The Bridge Pont des Arts
In Paris, couples from all over the world write their names on a lock, attach it to a bridge, and throw the key in the Seine to symbolize their undying love.

Locks and Notre Dame

Some people find it sweet and endearing.  Some people think it is ruining Parisian architecture, and still others think it is a misguided view of love.  Does the concept of locking yourself together really symbolize love?  Or if you truly love someone do you set them free?  Is a lock a symbol of love or possession?

locksPersonally I think the locks are lovely, sweet and a bit misguided.  As a single gal, I love the idea of love, and the willingness to put your love on display for the world.  I don’t however love the idea of love as possession or property.  Freedom is too precious to me and a lock is by definition used to fasten or secure something to keep it safe.  There is nothing safe about love and you can’t secure it; that is the beauty of love.  What do you think?  To lock or not to lock?

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