Bonjour Mars!

Beautiful Sunday in Paris


Paris in Four Months

I can’t believe it’s March already!  I have been living in Paris for two months and in some ways it feels like I just arrived.  This morning over my breakfast of bread and Nutella (of course!) I sat musing about the past two months and how it feels to be an expat again.  In 2007 I spent a year living and working in China.  It was one of the most rewarding and one of the most difficult years of my life.  At the end of it I returned to California and experienced major reverse culture shock.  I lost myself a bit in the process and it took me awhile to find my way back.


Parisian Breakfast

I think it can be hard as an expat to hold onto yourself.  You spend so much time trying to learn the rules of your new home and adapting to that culture that you can loose yourself along the way.  This is what happened to me in Hong Kong.  It’s a fine balance between being open minded and having no mind of your own.  So how do I prevent this from happening in Paris?  How do I adapt to the culture of the school and to the French culture, and not loose myself along the way?  I’m not sure that I have the answer.  I’m trying my best to just be myself and this is the mantra that I fall back upon whenever I’m feeling unsure.  I am trying to be true to my core self and values, but to be open to all that is new as well.  Will I loose myself along the way?  It’s possible but at least I know I will find my way back as well.

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  1. So much respect for you ..having the guts to do something like this! Wish I thought of doing this when I was younger!

  2. Hi! Just started reading your blog, so nice and Paris is one of my favorite cities! This post seriously made me just now realize that that is what happened with me when I lived a year abroad: I lost myself along the way. It took me so long to adjust to my own country again and I feel like I am still struggling and maybe finding myself (and I came back almost 2 years ago). On the other hand, it might also be that I really changed during that year and that I need to get used to my new self in my old environment:)

  3. Hello! I love your blog – found it by googling ‘dream come true live in paris’. its always been my dream to live in paris – even though ive never even VISITED how insane is that! but i feel dreams do come true one at a time, one came true when i have moved to japan – still am here – from california almost two years ago. it was the most adventurous and challenging time of my life, but so rewarding, and so..enriching! I am so happy you seem to be finding home in paris, and you have sparked my new step as well. cheers!! <3 what do you think is something one can do to prepare!

    • Thanks! Japan sounds pretty cool too!! I think the best preparation you can make for moving to a new country is to keep an open mind and be ready to experience life in a different way.

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