Style Icon: Françoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy 1969

Françoise Hardy is a French singer and actress who is famous for her style as much as her profession.  Most of these photos are from the 1960s and yet they look so modern.  Her cool it-girl style is still relevant today.  I can only hope that when I look at my style years from now, that it also is able to withstand time.  Scroll down for more photos and style inspiration.

Francoise Hardy 7 Francoise Hardy 8 Francoise Hardy 5 Francoise Hardy 2 Francoise Hardy 3 Francoise Hardy 6 Francoise Hardy 4 Francoise Hardy 10 Francoise Hardy 9


3 responses

  1. Such a timeless beauty. In the March American Harper’s Bazaar (with Drew on the cover) there is a page entitled “Isabel Marant’s Paris.” Her recs all sound amazing! xx

  2. I think what makes her so stunning is that her style looks effortless. Of course, she’s also quite beautiful! Is it a French thing??
    x Melissa

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