School Cafeteria Food

Lest you be too jealous of all the Paris food pics I’ve posted, I thought I would show you some photos from our school cafeteria.  I have started to bring my lunch most days since it is either flavorless, inedible, or both.  Even the bread is bad and I didn’t think that was possible in France!  On a side note, what are you favorite packable lunch meals?  I would love some more inspiration!

Mystery soup, a ‘sausage’ roll that was basically a hot dog in some puff pastry, flavorless salad and a banana.  The banana was good.


Mystery soup number two (this is a theme), some other disgusting puff pastry thing and another flavorless slaw.  On a side note, the puff pastry items are seriously unhealthy but I was hoping they would at least be flavorful to compensate.  Unfortunately they’re not.


Paella.  I should know that cheap seafood is never a good idea.  I’m not sure how old those shrimp were since they were almost entirely dehydrated, and I wouldn’t touch the shriveled up rubbery things they called mussels.  The rice was super ‘fishy’ tasting and smelling.  The chicken was the only edible part.


This might be the best meal that I have had in the cafeteria and that doesn’t mean it was good by any means.  On the plus, the roasted veggies with chickpeas were actually good and if you added them to the rice you could pretend that the rice wasn’t dryer than a mouthful of hay.  The fish was seriously overcooked and not fresh, but I guess it would be too much to hope for if everything was edible!  The cheese was okay and the applesauce was actually good.


Whatever that meat was, it was so tough you had to saw through it.  I spent about 15 minutes chewing one piece and then gave up on the rest.  The potatoes were edible, the carrots mushy and flavorless.  Again, the highlights were cheese and applesauce.


I decided to switch tactics here and go with a few small plates hoping that was better.  It wasn’t.  Bland mystery soup, cold congealed eggs with crappy mayo, rock hard bread, and okay cheese.


I don’t know why I ordered the lasagna when I knew it would be horrible.  Giant pile of flavorless mush.  Not even sure there were noodles in it since the textures and flavors just blended together into a flavorless blob.  The banana was good.


The French onion soup came with croutons out of a box and flavorless shredded mystery cheese.  The chicken had some sauce which helped a bit.  The peas were overcooked and bland.  The applesauce was good.

IMG_2318Who likes boxed mashed potatoes?  Yeah, me neither.  Flavorless powdered mashed potatoes, overcooked green beans, overly fishy fish with a mushy breading.  Tangerines and fruit puree were the only good part.


6 responses

  1. Is this really and truly in Paris? Oh my goodness I’m heartbroken! How awful! I expected French kids to be snacking on incredible stuff!

  2. and I thought my school’s cafeteria food was bad! I often cook more of the dinner that I had from the night before so that I can pack it for lunch the next day. Salad is the easiest to pack when you’re in a pickle every morning. I like mine with arugula, bloody orange, olive oil, lemon, and a sprinkle of salt.

  3. This is sad & hysterical at the same time. I think I’d stick to buying bread and making a plain tuna (no mayo) with tomato OR hard boiled egg OR cheese OR nutella sandwiches everyday. Good luck!

  4. Cracking me up Vanessa! Yes, sad and hysterical at the same time. Leftovers definitely seems like the way to go for lunches!

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