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  1. I love this trend…on other people. When I try it I feel like I look ridiculous.

    PS The link in this post for the photo sources isn’t working.

    • Thanks, Melissa. I agree that sometimes it is hard to pull off! As for the photos, unfortunately I found most of these photos on Pinterest and Google and I couldn’t find the original source. This is why I don’t have links. I am happy to add links if anyone knows where the originals came from!

  2. I have somehow stumbled across your blog and I cannot recall exactly how. You had me hooked with Paris and the pursuit of your MBA & now fashion- brilliant.

    Allright, this look traumatizes me. The only image I find palatable is the last one as it has an airy casual chic to it. Denim on Denim is akin to the statement that “Gauchos are trending this spring!”
    ( Yes, I actually read this.)No, No and No. Gauchos are tragic, dreadful and distressing. They frighten small children. Sure, add a tie-dye camisole and a patent leather pair of clogs to complete the look. Modèle.

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