Caro’s Barcelona Flat


I was in Barcelona this past weekend visiting friends.  It was amazing: gorgeous city, lovely friends, delicious food and sunny, warm weather.  But I will write more about my trip tomorrow.  Right now I want to talk about my friend Caro’s flat in Barcelona.  I fell in love with it while I was there.  I love her use of color and how each nook looks so special.  She mixes different colors and patterns beautifully to create a unique look that is all her own.  Her flat makes me what to redecorate and to add some of the special elements that are missing in my own home.  What do you think?  How do you make your home feel special?


The colors and prints of the pillows make the room pop.  Also, you can only see them a bit but she has these beautiful tiled floors that add another cultural influence.


Little treasures.  I love the mix of French print and Asian accents.


I love the colors and the lamp.  The funny thing is that Caro hates the lamp since it’s orange but I think it’s so cool!IMG_2660

Framed Egon Schiele print mixed with Chinese and Moroccan accents.



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