Heavenly Caprese Bread Salad

IMG_3571I love a good caprese salad and I also love a good bread salad.  The other day I came across THIS post on how sweet it is about a roasted tomato caprese panzanella and I couldn’t wait to try it.  There are two tricks to this version.  The first is roasting the tomatoes which intensifies the flavor and makes them extra sweet.  The second is that the bread is fried (not baked) in a bit of olive oil.  The recipe is simple and absolutely delicious.  I didn’t make a single adjustment and it was perfect.  http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/06/roasted-tomato-caprese-panzanella/



Sesame-Soy Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

IMG_3515This is one of those dishes that just came together by accident.  I was planning on simply roasting the sweet potato and steaming the green beans.  Super simple and not very inspiring, I know.  Then I remembered THIS stir-fried sesame asparagus that I have made before.  It’s a delicious mix of salty and sweet and the sesame seeds add a nice crunch.  This recipe is a variation on that one.  I added a bit of heat and bit of bitter vinegar to better balance the flavors.  The result is a delicious and much more interesting side!

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Chic Office Attire

Work 10

It can be really difficult to dress for the office while looking stylish and work appropriate.  Too often I see women dress exactly like men do in corporate positions – black suit, blue button down, ugly shoes.  In fact, this is the exact way I dressed in my extremely short lived career in Finance.  It was easier to blend in and I somehow thought this would make people take me more seriously.  I thought that if I dressed like a man I would fit into a man’s world.  I was wrong.  Not about fitting into a man’s world but about trying to do so by loosing my femininity and my style.  Many years later, I have realized that my power lies in being myself and standing out from the crowd.  That being said, I believe that there is office appropriate attire and that is not what you necessarily wear to a nightclub or to the gym.  In other words, mini-skirts and sweat pants are out.  For a bit of inspiration I’ve compiled these looks, any of which I would happily wear to work and feel damn good doing so.

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Working from Home in Style

Office 10

For some people working from home sounds like hell.  For me it is something I would love to be able to do at least part of the time.  My dream would be to create a quiet, beautiful space within which to work.  Here are a few lovely home offices.  What about you?  To work at home or not?

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Style Icon: Jenna Lyons

Jenna 7In case you’ve been living under a fashion rock somewhere, Jenna Lyons is the super stylish President and Creative Director of J Crew.  I love her gutsy style.  She’s not afraid to mix patterns, wear the unexpected and to switch it up season after season. Gotta love a girl with a unique style!  Which outfit is your favorite?

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Spinach, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Omelet


When I started this blog, I did not imagine that I would be posting about omelets.  I was back in my pre-MBA life.  I had time to cook elaborate meals, a kitchen that could support me and plenty of space to entertain.  Fast forward to my life in Paris and everything has changed.  I am insanely busy even in the evening, I have a teeny tiny Parisian kitchen and no space to have people over.  When I meet up with friends we go out to eat.  I cook for myself most weeknights squeezing this beloved activity in-between management accounting and strategy homework.  So I write about omelets.  I write about meals that are sustaining, healthy, tasty and fast.  I write about what I eat and I remember that sometimes simplicity is best.

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Style Inspiration: White Jeans

White Jeans 4

I actually think (and don’t shoot me!) that you can wear white jeans year round.  I know, I know, it’s almost sacrilegious to even think that!  However, whether you wait until after memorial day or your white jeans are a staple in your closet year round, there is something so fresh and crisp about wearing them in summer.  Not sure you can pull them off?  Here are some pics to get you in the mood.  And dare I ask… year round or summer only?

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