Fried Pasta

IMG_3625Do you ever have leftover pasta that you don’t know what to do with?  If you reheat it and sauce it, the result is a mushy, congealed mess.  One great solution is to fry it with a bit of olive oil.  It becomes crunchy and golden on the outside but tender inside.  Top it with your favorite sauce or just some grated parmesan.  It’s so good you might start making leftover pasta on purpose!

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I’m Sorry…


I’m sorry for being so absent.  Suddenly life took over and I don’t know where all the time has gone.  The photo above is often representative of my free days.  Stacks of books, tons of work, and not enough time.  I am reaching the end of our core classes and summer vacation cannot come soon enough!  Just three more weeks!

Many of you have asked about the program that I am engaged in, as well as the experience of going back to school again, so I thought I’d talk a bit about that today.  I am working towards my MBA at HEC Paris.  The school is one of the top business schools in France and globally.  The MBA program is an international program with participants from all over the world.  My class intake is currently in our second term of core classes.  These are fundamental business courses that we all take together before pursuing our specialization.  They range from finance, to strategy, to marketing, to statistics.  They are meant to give us a strong foundation from which to build on.

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor 11The weather is finally warm in Paris and it makes me so happy!  I want to spend all my time outdoors.  Seriously, I don’t think I would ever go inside if I could get away from it.  I’m addicted to fresh air, sunshine and warmth.  I spent all the summers of my childhood outdoors from sunrise from sunset.  I climbed trees and buildings, picked berries, chased other children, and rode my bike.  There’s something about those first few days of warmth that make me a bit wild.  I want to break all the rules, ditch all my responsibilities, and just play.  I remember years ago when I lived in Chicago I made my boyfriend drag our mattress outside to the backyard on the first semi-warm day so we could sleep outside.  He thought I was crazy and spent the night shivering.  I loved it.  Here are a few spots that I could easily while away an afternoon.

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