Outdoor Living

Outdoor 11The weather is finally warm in Paris and it makes me so happy!  I want to spend all my time outdoors.  Seriously, I don’t think I would ever go inside if I could get away from it.  I’m addicted to fresh air, sunshine and warmth.  I spent all the summers of my childhood outdoors from sunrise from sunset.  I climbed trees and buildings, picked berries, chased other children, and rode my bike.  There’s something about those first few days of warmth that make me a bit wild.  I want to break all the rules, ditch all my responsibilities, and just play.  I remember years ago when I lived in Chicago I made my boyfriend drag our mattress outside to the backyard on the first semi-warm day so we could sleep outside.  He thought I was crazy and spent the night shivering.  I loved it.  Here are a few spots that I could easily while away an afternoon.

Outdoor 10 Outdoor 9 Outdoor Living 8 Outdoor Living 7 Outdoor 2 Outdoor Living 6 Outdoor 1 Outdoor 8[nogallery]



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