London Days and Ottolenghi

IMG_3844I’m not a huge fan of British food.  Sorry!  I am however a big fan of some of the diversity of the London food scene.  Craving Malaysian roti canai?  Got it.  Want a real taco de carnitas? Done.  One of my favorite spots in London is Ottolenghi.    The chef and author, Yotam Ottolenghi, wrote one of my all time favorite cookbooks, Plenty.  I love his unusual combinations and fresh flavors.  When I am in London I make sure to stop by one of his delis.  I know it will be the best meal I have while I’m here.  Keep reading for the items I picked up this time.  Perhaps they will inspire you (as they have inspired me) to try something new in the kitchen!


This roasted butternut squash salad was topped with cumin-scented yogurt, crunchy pine nuts and fresh cilantro.


Wild rice salad with coconut and lemongrass.  It contained a bunch of fresh herbs and roasted red peppers.


Saffron roast cauliflower with roasted red onions, raisins, pine nuts and celery.

IMG_3843Flourless polenta cake with pistachios and lemon frosting.



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  1. A farro recipe I did for my sister’s baby shower. Farro, a citrus dressing, roasted spring onions, yellow split peas, fresh peas, a bit of mixed salad greens, and a touch of goat cheese and chives.

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