Berlin Days


Berlin is such a cool city!  I spent the past four days there and I really enjoyed it.  It is such an interesting mix.  It has all this history yet is so modern and ‘now’ feeling.  The beautiful gentrified parts are still a bit gritty.  As with any city with a rough winter, the people really know how to celebrate summer.  There are beer gardens everywhere and all the restaurants have terraces where you can sit outside.  Here are a few photos from my trip.  Next stop, Hamburg for four days!


The Berlin Wall.  There is not much left anymore but this is a section in the original place.  The friend that I visited in Berlin grew up in East Berlin and was 13 when the wall came down.  It was so interesting to here her stories and memories of the wall and of East Berlin.

These are bullet holes from the war and can still be seen on a lot of the old buildings.


Currywurst.  Basically sausage, ketchup and curry powder.


This is the oldest section of Berlin.


Modern architecture blends with old.


Outdoor dining is everywhere.


There is amazing street art.IMG_4065 IMG_4069 IMG_3981

We went to a hip restaurant called White Trash Fast Food.  Hilarious place full of all kinds of kitsch that serves American greasy food.  The nod to Germany?  It’s all bio (organic).


East Side Gallery is a section of the wall that has been set up and used as a street art gallery.


You know you’re in Germany when pickled pork knuckle is on the menu.  Of course, served with potatoes and sauerkraut.


Wild Boar with Chanterelles


Pretty Berlin.  Many of the old buildings have since been renovated and painted in beautiful colors.

IMG_4137I’m looking forward to visiting again!


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