Hamburg Days


Hamburg is one of those cities that is really nice place to live or to just hangout for a few days.  It is clean and beautiful with good restaurants and shopping.  It is not a city that has a lot of huge tourist sites so if that is what you like I would look elsewhere.  For me it was perfect.  I stayed with an old friend and it was so lovely to catch up!  I ate good food, relaxed, walked around the lake, and went to the beach.  It was a true vacation!IMG_4163

The perfect bench to sit, read a book, and daydream.

One of my friend’s adorable cats.  I’ve really missed having animals around me during my time in Paris so it was a treat to have some furry friends for a few days.


I love all the plants on this porch.  Even though it is on a busy street you would never know it.  The way it is set-up provides a true oasis.

Central Hamburg is full of these old red-brick buildings and water.  Very pretty!


More of these buildings and canals.


There is a new section by the shipping docks with cafes and beach clubs overlooking the water.  It is a nice area to spend the day relaxing.


My last day we drove out to the sea and went to the beach where the world cup kite surfing competition was going on.  Mostly we just sat in the sun and relaxed.  Everyone had these wind tents that also provide shade.  Very smart!

IMG_4235One last view of the beach.  By this day I had forgotten what the date was and even the day of the week.  I no longer remembered the MBA program or anything else.  My mind was truly on vacation and it felt wonderful!


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