Roast Chicken, Peach, and Avocado Salad with Yogurt Dressing

IMG_4395I went to my favorite market in Paris yesterday.  The one I wrote about HERE.  I was so happy to see all the summer fruits and veggies (tomatoes!!!) and a brought home a whole slew of favorites.  Amongst them was a perfectly ripe avocado, a few peaches, a head of fresh, young lettuce and half of a roast chicken.  You know how the idea of a meal starts to form in your head as you shop?  That’s what happened to me.  I thought of this epic salad and went home to make it.  Luckily it live up to the idea in my head.  Next time it’s hot and you don’t want to cook, make this instead.  It’s fast, easy and so delicious!

Roast Chicken, Peach, and Avocado Salad with Yogurt Dressing

-One head of lettuce

-About 1/4 of a roast chicken, shredded

-1 avocado, chopped

-2 peached, chopped

-fresh basil, cut into strips

-1 tbsp plain yogurt

-juice from 1 lemon

-1/2 tbsp olive oil

-tiny amount of maple syrup


1.  Mix together the yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil.  Add a very small amount of maple syrup.  Taste.  This should just take off the sharpness.  Add a bit more if necessary.*

2.  Toss all remaining ingredients together with dressing.  Serve.

*This is my new favorite dressing.  So simple and fresh!  It would be great with chopped herbs like chives, tarragon or basil.



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