Paris Sans Parisians


It’s August in Paris and all the Parisians have left the city.  Everywhere you walk you see signs in the windows that say that businesses are closed for weeks or even the whole month.  The only parts of the city that are crowded are the tourist areas.  It feels a bit as if you have the city to yourself and it is actually quite enjoyable.  It’s nice to go to my neighborhood cafe or restaurant (the ones that are open!) and be able to have my pick of tables.  Still a bit of the energy is missing from the city too.   I have decided to spend my touristing and visiting all the beautiful places I love in this city that I never have time to visit.


What are your summer travel plans?


Sunset view from my apartment just as a storm rolls in.


It’s hot as hell and nothing is air-conditioned.  I’m working on looking chic in the heat.


This street is right around the corner from my house and it is one of my favorite walks in Paris.  It’s just so beautiful!


Another one of my favorite street.IMG_4459

I’ve started renting the velib bikes and riding all over town. I am terrible at bike riding!  It’s a good thing Paris is empty or I would kill myself and everyone else around me.


My view from the lawn of one of many of the beautiful parks in Paris.


Will I ever get tired of Paris buildings?


And more.  So beautiful!

IMG_4449Empty park bench in an empty city?  Why yes, I’d love to curl up with a book right here.


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  1. Oooh I wonder what it would be like to have a city all to myself! This probably is a good time to do some touristing without huge crowds. Enjoy the city!

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