A Little Taste of Heaven: Verjus Restaurant

IMG_5266My mom and I wanted to go to one special restaurant before she left to go home to Chicago.  After a bit of deliberation and researching, we chose Verjus.  We made a reservation a couple of weeks in advance and managed to score a table for two at 7.30pm.  It turned out to be one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  Not just in Paris.  Ever.

The menu at Verjus is a tasting menu.  There are 7 courses for 60 euros and an optional cheese plate for an additional 14 euros.  I love these kinds of meals because you try things you wouldn’t otherwise and because if the chef is good he will put together ingredients you never dreamed about.  My expectations for the food at Verjus were met and then some.  Course after course after course was amazing, different and delectable.  And to top it all off, there is no stuffiness to this restaurant.  Just a cozy dining room with a friendly staff and good service.  Perfection.


First Course: bar de ligne de Saint Jean de Luz, radis anciennes, oignons nouveaux, citron vert, coriandre, capucine, oreilles de porcs frits.

Basically a ceviche with bacon and thinly sliced radishes.  Amazing!  My mom’s favorite dish of the night.  Who knew that bacon and raw fish could be so good together?  Then again, bacon does make everything better…


Second Course: gnocchi de ricotta de bufflonne, courgettes jaune, tomates grillées, basilic pourpre, courgettes, parmesan, oxalis.

To me these are closer to dumplings than gnocchi but they were light-as-air and the dish was a delicate balance of flavors. The finely chopped walnuts added a nice crunch.IMG_5265

Third Course: truite de banka roti, condiment de mais, poivrons rouges, échalotes, ricotta de brebis salé, bourrache.

The corn sauce was almost like a fresh creamed corn served with this slow-roasted pink trout.  The ricotta salata was a nice addition that I never would have thought of.IMG_5267

Fourth Course: magret de canard, graines de carvi, choucroute de chou rouge, orange, peau de céleri rave fumé.

This perfectly cooked (read: rare) tender duck was paired with sauerkraut, oranges and mustard greens.  I loved the combination of all the different flavors: earthy, sweet, pungent.  Maybe this was my favorite dish?IMG_5270

Fifth Course: queue de boeuf braiseé, polenta de mais rouge, chou rave, carottes anciennes, cresson allenoise.

  This more traditional pairing of polenta and braised beef was livened up with the the slightly-tart, slightly-sweet raw cabbage salad on top.  I might have to try a simplified version at home.IMG_5272

Sixth Course, Dessert No. 1: framboises et mures d’Orgeval, creme fraiche fouettée, meringues de menthe.

Lovely, light combination of teeny meringues, fresh fruit, creme fraiche and mint.IMG_5273

Seventh Course, Dessert No. 2: prunes d’été, granola de pignons de pin, fleurs bourache, sorbet de yaourt grec.

The dessert version of my summer breakfast.  Granola, fresh summer plums and tart yogurt sorbet.

The best part is that even after seven courses you are not uncomfortably full.  Everything is delicious and small enough to keep you wanting more.  If you have a special celebration coming up or you just want to treat yourself, I highly recommend Verjus.  You won’t regret it!


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