End of Summer: A Simple, Fresh Meal

IMG_5247This is the kind of meal that personifies summer.  It’s light, fresh and simple.  It relies upon the best ingredients available because there are so few of them.  It’s easy but heart satisfying.  While I look forward to the root vegetables, hearty greens and warming foods that symbolize fall, I must first say goodbye to summer.  This was one of those goodbye meals.

It’s so simple it doesn’t require a recipe.  A warm grilled eggplant and zucchini salad with tomatoes, dukkah, olive oil and lemon, a steamed artichoke with a dijon mustard-mayo-lemon sauce, and crostini with avocado, balsamic and fleur de sel.  Buy the best ingredients you can find and you will have a delicious meal.  Enjoy.  Savor what is left of summer.


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