Parmesan Croutons

IMG_5920These croutons are my latest obsession.  They transform soups and salads from just good to amazing.  I’ve been adding them to all kinds of veggie soups and they provide a nice crunch and sharpness that creates a great contrast with the soft mild soup.  They make a huge difference!  Make some and add them to your next soup.  That is if you can resist eating them directly out of the oven!

They are a good way to use up the ends of baguettes that are no longer so fresh.  There is really no need for a recipe here.  Combine slightly stale bread cut into cubes with olive oil and fresh finely-grated parmesan.  You want the olive oil and parmesan to resemble a paste that coats the bread as you stir.  Toss in a hot oven (400ish) and bake, stirring once until golden.  Check often to make sure they don’t burn.

Life Happens Around the Table

Dine 5

Many of the most important moments in my life take place around the dining room table.  Cooking and entertaining for friends.  Laughing and crying.  Speaking passionately or hardly speaking at all as we tuck into the food before us.  When I was back in the USA, I realized how much I miss this in my teeny Paris studio.  I miss hosting dinner parties that start with good food and last all night because the conversation is just that good.  I’m dreaming about the day that I have the space to entertain again.  These are a few dining rooms I wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime around.

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I’m Back!

IMG_6193I realize I haven’t been around much lately.  I don’t have a great excuse.  Life just happened.  I finished the classes for my MBA in Paris.  I traveled to the USA for the first time in a year and visited family and friends.  I returned to Paris.  Tomorrow, I start an internship at an international design agency in Paris.  I’m excited and nervous and happy to be back.

I had an incredible time when I was back in the US.  I spent Christmas in Chicago with my family and then went to California.  San Francisco is my other home.  I lived there for eight years and I have an amazing group of friends there.  I love the sun, the food and the laid back culture.  Here is a glimpse into my trip:

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