Leaving Paris and Chasing a New Dream


I’ve got some big news.  News that is both happy and sad.  It’s the kind of news that has me vacillating between extreme, jump-for-joy happiness and weepy, depressed sorrow.  I’m leaving Paris.  There I said it, although it’s still hard to feel it.  It just won’t quite sink in.  Yet, I move out of my flat on Saturday and I head back to San Francisco mid-June.  Crazy, I know!

Obviously I’m incredibly sad to be leaving Paris.  I love the city so much and I will miss it desperately.  But there is a small part of my that is simultaneously dancing with joy for the promise of new beginnings and for the amazing hellos that will happen with my closest friends and family.

So why am I leaving Paris?  To chase another dream – the dream of owning my own company.  I am trying to launch a foodie subscription service for home cooks called Saffron + Kumquats.  For $20/month customers get 5 samples of specialty ingredients and 5 recipes to go with those ingredients. It makes trying new flavors and cuisines easy! Here’s an a graph that better explains the concept:



I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds.  If you are interested, please check it out and consider pre-buying one of the food boxes!  You can find the campaign here:

Lot’s of change!  My head is still spinning.  Once again I am learning to embrace change and to just breath with it.  Thanks for sharing in my journey!

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