A Few Paris Pics and a Wildly Uncertain Life


Tour EiffelIn my last post, I mentioned that I will be leaving Paris soon.  In fact, I no longer have a flat here but am staying on a friends couch for a few days before doing some traveling.  This is disorientating to say the least.  So much is up in the air right now.  I don’t have a place to live.  I’m trying to start a company but need funding (please, Kickstarter!).  I’m saying goodbye to my beloved Paris and to all the wonderful friends I’ve made here.  I’m saying hello to my closest friends – the ones who have stuck by me through thick and thin – and to beautiful, sunny California.  It’s enough to make my head spin.


I’m trying to make the most of the last few days that I have here by visiting some favorite spots and by checking off a few more places off my never ending list.  I finally went on the bateaux-mouches boat tour which is where I took that photo of the Eiffel Tower.  Amazing!  My favorite part of the tour was seeing people hanging out up and down the Seine, drinking wine, laughing, dancing and just having fun.  It finally felt like summer.

L'as Fallafel

I went to L’as Du Fallafel for this crazy, loaded fallafel sandwich.  This place is an institution in Paris and rightfully so.  Fresh and crispy, the fallafel are loaded with cabbage salad, yogurt, eggplant and hot sauce.  Yum!Grand Palais

I walked up the Seine and visited the Grand Palais to see the Robert Mapplethorp exhibit.Robert Mapplethorp

This is the photo he took of Patti Smith that was the cover for her album Horses.Claus

I went for brunch with a friend at this charming restaurant, Claus.Brunch

Where I proceeded to stuff myself with as much bread as possible.  Yes, this is on my list of things to do before leaving.Paris Passage Couvert

We walked through one of the nearby passage couvert.  These covered passages are all over Paris and some are very beautiful.Institut du Monde Arabe

I went to an exhibit about the pilgrimage to Mecca at the Institut du Monde Arabe where I fell in love with this photo.  It was called, ‘I am Sorry’.Laduree

I finally made it Ladurée, another famed establishment that has long been on my list.  The orange blossom macaron was out of this world.LadureeThe packaging is pretty cool too, no?

I plan to keep distracting myself with fun activities or I will loose my mind watching the Kickstarter campaign.  I’m doing everything I can think of to attract attention to it without becoming obnoxious.  In the meantime, I’ll share my last few weeks in Europe with you and try to enjoy the remaining time I have left!


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