Life Happens Around the Table

Dine 5

Many of the most important moments in my life take place around the dining room table.  Cooking and entertaining for friends.  Laughing and crying.  Speaking passionately or hardly speaking at all as we tuck into the food before us.  When I was back in the USA, I realized how much I miss this in my teeny Paris studio.  I miss hosting dinner parties that start with good food and last all night because the conversation is just that good.  I’m dreaming about the day that I have the space to entertain again.  These are a few dining rooms I wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime around.

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Comfortable Living


Some living rooms are just comfortable.  The invite you in, welcoming you to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.  You want to sink into the sofa and you instantly feel at home.  They are designed to be lived in.  These pics inspire me and I can only hope to have a living room as lovely as one of these someday.


What do you think?  How do you make your living room into a cozy, inviting place to be?

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Lustable: Diptyque Diffuser

DiptyqueUn Air de Diptyque Diffuser

This lustable is a beautiful way to add scent to a room.  This electronic diffuser is not cheap but then it will outlast any candle.  I love products that merge design and functionality and this definitely does this.  You can buy an assortment of Diptyque’s beloved scents to add to the diffuser.  Your house will smell so good you might never want to leave!

Sweet Dreams for Guests


Guest Cabin 1

Prior to embarking on my MBA and moving into a teeny tiny studio in Paris, I rented a house with a good friend of mine in the San Francisco bay area.   When we were looking for a place, one of the things that sold us on this house was that there was a tiny guest house out back.  It was so nice to have a separate place for friends and family when they came to visit.  They could sleep as late as they wanted, do what they wanted, and they never interfered with our routines and we never interfered with their sleep.  These are a few of my favorite guest houses.  They are sure to bring sweet dreams.

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London Class: Magazine Layouts

Blog 1Last week I attended a magazine layout class at Central Saint Martins, a well know art and design school in London.  I have long been interested in the magazine world and I really wanted to do something creative over summer vacation.  My MBA program has a lot of strengths but creativity is not one of them.  Coming from a creative work background this has been a difficult adjustment and I really miss that environment.  It was so nice to have that experience again even if it was only for one week.

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It’s The Little Things That Count

Accents 2

Woven Tapestries from Native Line

Sometimes it’s the little things that count.  The accents are what makes a home beautiful and gives it personality.  They can be small and elegant but eye-catching.  It can be the corner of a room that is just so or a small vase added to a shelf.  Simple, neutral and beautiful, here are a few of the little things that I love.

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