I have spent the past 12 years working on the creative side of retail.  I started out in visual merchandising and window display for a jumbo fashion retailer; I then managed store openings for retail expansion before moving to Hong Kong to manage visual merchandising for a year.  I moved into buying and product development, working mostly with sustainable furniture and home décor.  I learned all about sustainable materials and production without any ‘green-washing’.  In between I worked on photo shoots, shot lists, and creative direction.

I am currently pursuing my MBA at HEC Paris.  My goal is to one day own my own company.  In the meantime, I am excited about how the internet is changing retail and publishing.  There is a lot of opportunity to combine editorial content with merchandise selling.   While you are selling products, why not tell a story too?  Why not provide content that bring people back to your site over and over?  On the editorial side, why not sell the beautiful items in the photos?  Why not make it easier on your customers?

The beauty of the internet is that it’s instantaneous.  You can take a photo and put it on your site a moment later.  There isn’t the time lapse that you have with print.   You have the chance to instantly respond to customer needs, inventory levels and changing strategic direction.  You have the ability to create value for your customers and your followers.  This changing business landscape is an exciting place to be and I can’t wait to see how it evolves and to make my way in this world after graduation.

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  1. Hello, Vanessa…I’m Vanessa from Atlanta! As a girl I always had dreams of living in Paris. And I love your story about how you just packed up and went! Fabulous! I love your blog and I’m taking notes!

  2. This blog is so inspirational in so many ways. Thank you for having the courage to live your life to the fullest without looking back. I look up to you and your story. This truly makes it all feel like we really are infinite. No words can describe how happy I feel to have found your blog.

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