Coastal Days and Saying Goodbye to Summer


This was my last week of freedom before school starts marking the end of summer.  Two months is the most I have had off since I was 16-years-old.  I have always had corporate jobs where you were lucky if you got two weeks!  I thought in the beginning that it was so much time off and I didn’t know how I was going to fill it.  Now, I realize that it isn’t that much and that I could easily fill a years worth of time off if I could.  Sadly, that is not in my budget.  I am incredibly grateful for this time.  It has been amazing.

As a send-off to summer, I have spent the past week with my mom on the coast.  We have mostly been in Brittany with a brief jaunt into Normandy to see Mont St Michel.  The coast is beautiful and I have been posting way too many beach photos on facebook.  I have gorged myself on seafood and crepes and relaxed into this last week of summer.  I feel incredibly lucky as I get ready to embrace this next part of my journey.  Merci!

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