Profile of a Healthy Foodie and Blogger, Carolina Crespi

I met Carolina six years ago when we were both living in China and we became good friends.  Since then, I have visited her in Barcelona and she visited me in San Francisco.  When she came to visit, she told me about  some changes that she had made to how she eats after seeing a holistic nutritionist.  Her new diet had filled her with energy and had some very positive changes in her life.  She also runs a healthy food blog called Apples & Carrots.  I am very happy to share her story as well as her recipe for {almost} ceviche.

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Name: Carolina Crespi
Occupation: Fashion Merchandiser and Part-time Blogger
Location: Barcelona
A couple of years ago you really changed the way that you eat.  What changes did you make and what drove you to make those changes?  What results did you experience after making these changes? 
Yes! I was feeling heavy and tired.  I started to think that I could have an intolerance to some type of food. I always care about eating healthy but it was when I visited a holistic nutritionist that I started a complete new diet and I realized that I wasn’t eating as healthy as I thought.  The biggest change I made was eating cleaner and less combinations.  Too many ingredients complicate the digestion.  It is harder for your body to get the best out of what your eating because the digestion is consuming too much energy.  The diet is based on veggies and whole foods mostly.  During the 3 first months I skipped completely all types of dairy products, alcohol, sugar and refined products. When I followed this I was full of energy, I slept better, my skin was glowing and I was happier!  Beside that, I lost weight immediately!
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