Lustable: Diptyque Diffuser

DiptyqueUn Air de Diptyque Diffuser

This lustable is a beautiful way to add scent to a room.  This electronic diffuser is not cheap but then it will outlast any candle.  I love products that merge design and functionality and this definitely does this.  You can buy an assortment of Diptyque’s beloved scents to add to the diffuser.  Your house will smell so good you might never want to leave!

Lustable: Repetto Ballet Flats

RepettoFirst created in 1947, Repetto ballet flats are the original, classic flat.  I once had a pair that a certain puppy (who shall remain nameless and whom I love very much) decided to eat.  I guess the leather was soft enough that it resembled a dog treat.  Whatever the reason, I am lusting after another pair of these lovely flats.  I would say they are so soft that they feel like butter but I’m not really in the habit of putting butter on my feet.  Suffice it to say, they are super soft and oh-so-comfortable.

Repetto 2


Lustable: Porcelain and Gold Milk Bottles

Shan Valla

There’s something about these bottles from Shan Valla that makes me lust after them.  I love the gold and white combo which is much softer than gold and black.  The porcelain has a worn finish showing the seems and labels just like an actual milk bottle, and the bling of the gold offsets the vintage feeling nicely.  They would look great clustered on a shelf together as they are in this photo or displayed singularly.  Although not functional, sometimes you just need a decorative accent – something you enjoy looking at and something that makes you happy.  Not everything has to be functional.  Sometimes it can just be pretty.

Lustables: Heather Ceramics

Heath Ceramics was founded in 1948 and they are still produced in small batches at their original Sausalito, California factory.  The coupe line (shown below in French Gray) was introduced the year they opened and is still in production today.  It is a truly timeless design and they are built to last.  Earthy and sophisticated, elegant and classic, this dinnerware is not your grandmother’s china.  Instead they are built for the truly modern woman.  Heath Ceramics can be purchased HERE.

Lustables: Heather Ceramics
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