Profile of a Paris Blogger, Photographer and Journalist, Carin

I discovered Carin’s blog Paris in Four Months just before moving here.  The photos on her site are beautiful, vivid and perfectly capture so much of what I love about Paris.  They reminded me of why I decided to move here.  I am thrilled to share her story today, a few of her beautiful photos, and her guide to all things Paris.  I personally can’t wait to try all the places on her list!

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Me Somewhere in Paris


Name: Carin

Occupation: Freelance photographer and journalist

Location: Paris, France


-You originally moved to Paris for four months.  Why did you decide to do this?

I had dreamed about moving to Paris for quite sometime. I also wanted to try something new and totally different. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my life back in Stockholm, Sweden, so I decided that it was time to follow my dream and move to Paris!

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Friday Finds: Pretty Picture Books

As a visually driven person, I love a good coffee-table book.  I could spend hours perusing the pretty pictures in photo books and I find that they are a great source of inspirations.  Here are a few of my favorites right now.  What are your favorite picture books?

sprouted kitchen

The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods

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Profile of a Photographer, Philanthropist and Mama, Amy Martin-Friedman

I worked with Amy almost 10 years ago.  Our lives have since taken us on different paths but a few years ago we got back and touch through Facebook.  It was then that I learned about her project, A Day In My Shoes.  I am inspired by the vision that Amy had and the courage it took to believe in and follow that dream.  Read on for more about Amy, A Day In My Shoes, and Amy’s killer shoe picks.  Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to follow your own dreams!

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Name: Amy Martin-Friedman
Occupation: Freelance Photographer/Philanthropist/Mother extraordinaire
Location: San Francisco/Los Angeles/New York

You are the founder of the A Day In My Shoes Photography Project. Can you tell me more about the project and how it works?

To support victims of domestic violence, I created a project called A Day In My Shoes to give back to communities using images of women in their shoes.

My Shoes work has become an international project, raising more than $100K for shelters during the last 3 years. I partner with a shelter in each city. I photograph 25 to 45 women who financially support the project.  All images are anonymous, meaning I do not show their faces. I photograph 5 additional women from each shelter to be part of the gallery series and a coffee table book. Each participant is photographed in a high fashion shoot, and each writes a story to be shared in the gallery opening and coffee table book. Each woman tells a story of her life; tragedy, loss of job, abuse, trouble with fertility, loss of spouse, etc.

This project is all about inspiration: I ask women to be vulnerable with their words since the photo is anonymous. I want the viewing audience to walk away from my gallery opening knowing that they too could be in any of these women’s shoes. In fact, the greatest gift I’ve been given is from a woman I met at an opening at Fred Segal. She told me she felt like should could be any of these women. That’s the power and the MAGIC about this; it becomes therapy for all involved.

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