Eating Ethnic in Paris

First time visitors come to Paris in search of escargot, coq au vin, bœuf bourguignon, and confit de canard.  They come in search of the classic dishes they have read so much about and to sit in old-world cafes on the left bank.  This type of food is classic for a reason – it’s delicious when prepared right!

Yet there is so much more to the Paris food scene.  Paris is a vibrant city with international and contemporary restaurants.  I have decided to do a series of posts showcasing some of my favorite restaurants right now.  The first post is about eating ethnic in Paris.  So when you are done with the classics, have had your fill of the traditional Paris scene, check out one of these places for something new and exciting!

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A Month of Dining Out


Fried Chicken, Wayfare Tavern, San Francisco

I haven’t had a kitchen since November.  I miss cooking my own meals and eating simple food.  However, I’ve been lucky enough to have share some amazing meals at restaurants in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.  So today’s post is food porn: pics of some of the best meals I had this month.  I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to be cooking and sharing recipes again once I am settled in Paris!


Cauliflower Soup with Pancetta and a Lobster Beignet, Wayfare Tavern, San Francisco

This soup was so interesting!  Instead of being creamy and sweet, it was mustardy and tart.  The pancetta paired perfectly with it.  I think I will have to make a version.


Oysters with my Aunt, Hog Island Oyster Bar, San Francisco

What can I say?  I love oysters.

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