Style Icon: Caroline de Maigret

Caroline 7

J’adore Caroline de Maigret’s cool girl style.  The French model and music producer mixes tough, feminine and boyish pieces together to create a look that’s all her own.  These are a few of my favorite style pics.


What do you think of Caroline’s style?  Love it or hate it?

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Style Icon: Françoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy 1969

Françoise Hardy is a French singer and actress who is famous for her style as much as her profession.  Most of these photos are from the 1960s and yet they look so modern.  Her cool it-girl style is still relevant today.  I can only hope that when I look at my style years from now, that it also is able to withstand time.  Scroll down for more photos and style inspiration.

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Style Icon: Garance Doré

One of my favorite fashion blogs is Garance Doré.  I find the fashion photos inspiring and I really enjoy Garance’s self-deprecating humor and the way that she doesn’t take it to seriously.  I go to this blog not just for the pictures but for the stories as well.  Garance also happens to have amazing personal style.  She has the kind of style that I really admire, where you remember the woman not the clothes.  She wears mostly neutrals and manages to mix them in a way that looks effortless yet stylish.  Here are a few of her looks that I love.

Garance 8

Garance on Charlotte Collard

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Style Icon: Sofia Coppola

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’ve got s total girl crush on Sofia Coppola.  She’s the adult version of one of the cool kids.  Sofia is a brilliant film director, muse to Marc Jacobs, and friends with all the other cool kids.  Another confession: I daydream about being friends with her too.  Sigh.  In addition to all of this, she has wonderful, wearable, classic style.  She hasn’t fallen into the hollywood trap of too tight, too short and too unwearable.  Instead, she favors clothing that she can move in and flats/ low-heels.  With longer hemlines and adequate body coverage, her wardrobe conveys a simple, sophisticated elegance.  Here are some of my favorite pics of Sofia Coppola.  What do you think of her style?  Do you have any secret (or not so secret) girl crushes?

Sophia 15

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Style Icon: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt, the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, is as much known for her personal style as she is for her position.  She never wears dresses and skirts and is most often seen in skinny pants, heels and a tailored blazer.  Her style is simple and chic and manages to look both utterly modern and classic at the same time.  She wears mostly neutral colors and rarely wears pattern (although there is a pic with a leopard coat below).  I love the look, and I love the ease of having a signature style.  She doesn’t look like she tried too hard which feels so refreshing.  What do you think?  Do you have a uniform of sorts?


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